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I have combined 3 of my essays to play
So sit back and listen to "What is a Fire Fighter?, The Secret Life of Tommy Westwind, and Survival at Sunrise( The day I thought I died).
The Original What is a FireFighter? Tribute signed by the author
I am sure that you have seen "What is a Firefighter? essay/poem, but here I am the author before "fire fighter" was officially "firefighter".
Own a Part of Fire Fighting History,

I am the Original author Of the 1968 essay "What is A Fire Fighter?" written in 1968.
When I went To Bond Press in Hartford Connecticut to have them lithograph my essay, they did not recognize the word Firefighter and spelled it Fire Fighter
These are not computer generated ink jet printings. They were made by metal engravings and printed on parchment style paper .
They Measure 11"x14".
I have a few, prints of the ORIGINAL Lithographed prints done by Bond Press. Cotact me at captjimtaylor@gmail.com

This is my legacy and I want to pass it on.
Some of the proud owners of What is a Fire Fighter?, and who have autographed a print for my collection and own a print of my essay include (these are not for sale):
Most recently and In the mail, Melanie Anne Safka-Schekeryk (born February 3, 1947), professionally known as Melanie or Melanie Safka, is an American singer-songwriter. She is best known for the 1971–72 global hit "Brand New Key", her cover of "Ruby Tuesday", her composition "What Have They Done to My Song Ma", and her 1970 international breakthrough hit "Lay Down (Candles in the Rain)" (inspired by her experience of performing at the 1969 Woodstock music festival)

Dennis Smith(Firehouse Magazine),Arthur Fiedler(Boston Pops), Burt Reynolds(actor), Ed Asner(actor),Gene Pitney(singer),
Randy Travis (singer), Guinness Brewery Fire Brigade (Ireland), Cherish The Ladies (Irish Folk Singers) Senator Joe Lieberman, Casey Kasem, Bob Denver (Giligan), Lynn Redgrave (actress) Chef Paul Prudhomme (he just passed way in October 2015)
Florida Governor Jeb Bush and Florida First Lady Columba Bush CT Governor John Rowland and Patty Rowland,Connecticut Governor Jodi Rell, Pat Buchanan, Reverend Jerry Falwell, Doris Day (singer, actress),
Zola Levitt,
Tommy James, Gary Puckett, Jay Leno, Larry Thomas. Internationally known as. "THE SOUP NAZI" from "Seinfeld"
Jack Jones, singer, Pat Boone (singer, actor), Gary Sinise, Jay Leno.
Jimmy Clanton is an American singer who was a teenage idol, His band recorded a hit song "Just A Dream" which Clanton had written in 1958.
Robin Mark (Christain singer and sing writer)from Belfast Ireland signed in person on 8/26/17.
Nancy Stafford (Nancy Elizabeth Stafford is an American actress, speaker and author, known for her roles on television. She came to prominence in the 1980s as Ben Matlock's law partner and friend, Michelle Thomas, on Matlock) Pastor Doug Batchelor (Amazing Facts).
I am the Original author Of the 1969 essay "What is A Fire Fighter?" written in 1969.
Say Hi to Jim Taylor.
When I went To Bond Press in Hartford Connecticut to have them lithographed my essay, they did not recognize the word Firefighter and spelled it Fire Fighter
This photo is of me in 1968 on watch when I wrote this.
The start of the backdraft, I was in front of the dumpster
After being blown 30 feet I am against the car wirh my helmet on the ground
Casey Kasem
Bob Denver
Thanks to Jay Leno
He also signed my Essay

The collection that you see above is not for sale and my collection of signed essays are not for sale.

In 1976 I had color lithographed prints!
These Rare Lithograhed prints are now about 45 years old as of 2020..
The last couple paragraphs read as follows:
"The Tolls are great among these men, greater then almost every other occupation.
The rewards; long hours, working weekends and holidays. He gives up time with his own family for the sake and safeguard of those who see only the superficial man and not the superman that perhaps he is. For this he is if only in the heart and mind of a child not blinded by the isms of life, but instead opened by a tear as his floppy-eared puppy responds to the carefully applied artificial respiration given to it by a combination doctor, fire fighter, truck driver and yes, maybe a superman. Perhaps that tear is the fire fighter's reward. Someday he too may shed a tear for a fallen comrade, silently praying that his own last alarm will herald the end to a glorious career through retirement, and not through death or injury.
What is a fire fighter? Ask the people that he has helped in times of fire, flood, plane, car and boat disasters, accidents through carelessness or in times of war.
When others walk away the fire fighter must now take on the responsibilities of saving lives and property.
A giant, a superman, a constant vigil for the prevention of fire. Oh, to have the eyes and faith of a child, If only grownups were so blessed, the fire fighter's life would be the richest on earth."

Copyright 1968, James Taylor